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Please inquire about pricing, some of the services are tailored to your needs.

Diamond Dermabrasion and mask suited for the needs of your skin – $100

Dermaplanning with an Enzyme Peel: safely restore any skin type’s youthful, radiant glow – $100

Alumier Chemical Peel: medical grade peel depending on your skin type and specific needs. Also includes a Post Procedure Prescription Kit. – $150

Hygienic Medi-Pedicures: for your specific needs.

Grounded Sole, Foot Reflexology. 1 hour – $100


Laser Treatments

  • Mole or Wart removal
  • Nail Fungus
  • Spider veins
  • Hair removal
  • Facial Laser Genesis (Improves the appearance of redness, enlarges pores, uneven skin tone and fine lines.)
  • IPL (Can improve the appearance of Rosacea, vascular lesions, sun-damaged skin and age spots.)

Special Introductory Pricing for Dien Chan MultiReflex

Deluxe Chan’Beaute Facial: restores beauty naturally. 1 hour and 15 minutes – $105

Beauty marks, moles, wrinkles, dimples, and spots on our face reflect a potential internal imbalance and indicate present or past weakness. By observing tone, brightness and texture, the face is an important source of information about the general internal state of the body and is a very good indicator of our health. “The face is the reflection of the soul.”


Dien Chan MultiReflex Therapy. 1 hour and 15 minutes – $100

Dien Chan MiltiReflex is a natural therapeutic technique to relive pain by brining together both western and eastern wisdom. Using Dien Chan’s facial diagrams of therapy, their formulas, B.Q.C point and bodywork we can re-balance our energy and flow, allowing the body to heal. You will also be taught how to do some of these beneficial techniques at home to continue your healing journey.

Experience a higher vibration with our Infared PEMF MAT that contains 20 pounds of crystals which boosts mood, neutralizes free radicals, and recharges your body.


Central Alberta podiatry is a wonderful place to go if you have anything linking to the foot. Dr Woodruff is authentic, caring, and invested in the success of his patients and staff. Lisa also has a special gift with Reflexology. There were several times when she knew exactly what was going on with me; both emotionally and physically. She is excellent at what she does, and I would recommend her and Central Alberta Podiatry to anyone looking for footcare and alternative treatments.
Brenda Kolasa
I had the pleasure of having Reflexology done by Lisa!! It was an absolutely phenomenal experience! She paid such attention to detail with making sure the exact pressure was given to each part of my foot which helped stimulate the parts of my body that were pleading for some sort of pain relief! All of this, while maintaining a kind and gentle mannerism, made me feel comfortable and safe! Lisa’s professionalism and talent definitely brought me back for a few treatments. Your body will thank you, as mine did!
TJ Petrosenko

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