Injury & Surgery

When an injury or chronic pain is keeping you from daily life, we have solutions to get you back on your feet and doing what you love.

Infections & Fungus

Great foot health is easy and affordable when you work with experienced podiatrists with modern solutions to age-old problems.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic foot care requires in-depth knowledge and preventative medicine. Create a wellness plan for your feet with our experienced podiatrists today.

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The Power of Healing

Healthy feet give you more freedom in life. We work hard to treat the root causes of your pain, injuries, and infections to keep your feet strong and keep you moving.

Premium Care

Our sole purpose is to care for your feet, no matter what life throws your way. From injury and illness to pain and chronic conditions, we have your health at heart.

Doctors Who Listen

When you come in for treatment, it’s not just about your feet; it’s about your life. We want to know how we can help support you in achieving your goals and feeling great about life.

Podiatry Experts

While you only think about your feet when there’s an issue, we’re always thinking about your foot health. That’s why we’ve brought in modern technology & treatments that really work.

Top-Rated Podiatrists at Your Service

The expert podiatrists at Central Alberta Podiatry are ready to offer effective treatment for all your foot ailments.

Foot Care

Our inclusive foot care services include diagnosis and treatment for bunions, foot and ankle pain, diabetic foot care, and more.

Laser Fungal Treatment

Using a modern approach, Central Alberta Podiatry can easily and effectively remove all traces of fungus and leave your feet looking and feeling smooth.

Custom Orthotics

Foot pain can be easily cleared up with a set of professionally designed custom orthotics. Expert fittings and check-ins ensure your orthotics are comfortable and effective.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Foot and ankle injuries and chronic conditions can seriously impact your quality of life. Our surgeons have performed hundreds of life-changing procedures.


I stopped in and his clinic had already closed for the day. He didn't hesitate to help me and I appreciated his knowledge and excellent service. His orthotics have helped me tremendously and my legs and feet thank him! Highly recommend him and great location!
Ramesh Sharma
Dr. Woodruff is in a new building , in a great location. I was suffering from constant foot pain all the time , I lost interest in going for walks and doing other activities that I once enjoyed. Just after a couple of visits to his office and following his recommendations I was back on my feet again, back doing the activities I enjoy doing!
James Mielnichuk
Central Alberta Podiatry is an updated, modern, clean and friendly clinic. Well done Dr. Woodruff and staff. I also love the convenient location which has much easier parking for patients compared to your previous clinic site.
Liam Mcdonald
I was seeing Dr. Woodruff when he was with a different company. I followed him to his new location. He is a great human that gives good advice and genuinely cares about his patients. I would definitely recommend him to others.
Tracy Rees
Stopped in quickly to see Dr Woodruff after visiting relatives and cannot tell you how glad I am that we made the time to stop. He provided me with orthotics that have made a world of difference to me and my aching feet. Was a great experience and appreciate his level of care!
Bobbi Ferguson
Dr Woodruff did an amazing job on my two big toes (ingrown toenails) yesterday!! It was WAY less painful than I anticipated, the procedure only took 30 minutes, and I experienced little to no pain the same day and today, they look and feel great! I'm kicking myself that I didn't do this sooner! I would recommend this clinic to anyone with the same issue.
Kortney Jackson
My brother-in-law went to see Dr. Woodruff in red deer after I referred him. One of the best Podiatrists we have dealt with and very fair prices on orthotics.
Brandon Marcs
I have really appreciated Dr. Woodruff's ability to connect with my son and help my son to have solutions that work for his feet.
Emily Carter
I think Central Alberta Podiatry is giving best treatment. I am really satisfied. I will advise people to take their services.
Karla Jackson
Central Alberta Podiatry had solved my bunion problem. I am really very grateful to Dr. Woodruff. This person is definitive for any kinds of foot problems.
Courtney Overgaard

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