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Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine

Certified by the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry

Decades of training & experience in multiple aspects of podiatry & foot care

Doctors who embrace new technology & studies in global podiatry practices

We’re certified to practice in multiple specialties in podiatry to provide comprehensive care.

Our specialists have decades of training in medicine and podiatry in Canada and abroad.

Our goal isn’t just to treat problems with your feet, but to keep them healthy in the long-term.

Our foot experts will never leave you wondering or send you home without answers.

We are fully committed to listening to your unique needs and offering personalized treatment plans.

Our experienced surgeons are always thrilled to help you get back on your feet.

Diabetic Foot Care Q&A

Treating patients with diabetes requires special attention, education, and care. Learn about how to care for your feet and how to tell when something is wrong.

Foot & Ankle Surgery

Chronic foot and ankle pain are often a sign of untreated conditions. Learn why surgery might be your best option and what the healing times are for various procedures.

Modern Treatments in Podiatry

Medical science is advancing rapidly. New technologies and treatments are being used globally. Learn how podiatry is changing and what it means for you.